A lighter 20mm thick and 125mm (nominal). Boards have small chamfers which form a V-join between boards. Suitable for installation where the required noise reduction is lower that that which would be provided by the standard Jakoustic® noise barrier – or where a superficial mass of 10, 11 or 12 kg/m² is specified.


  • Light weight with a 20mm x 125mm x 4.8m boards (planed)
  • Attractive timber construction
  • Achieves the planning / architects’ normal acoustic specification of 10 – 12kg per sqm
  • Capping rail 34mm x 145mm x 4.8m (planed)
  • Counter rail size 34mm x 70mm x 2.4m (planed)
  • Only available in reflective
  • 25-year Jakcure® guarantee
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