Driving Range Bay Extension

Wayne from from the Gowerton Golf range contacted us while they were in the process of refitting their facilities. They wanted to give the customers more room in each of the bays, so it was decided to extend the bays by 1 metre. The existing bays were constructed on a concrete slab. In order to extend the bays using the same method, would cause a lot of disruption and at excessive cost. There would have been the need to bring in machinery to excavate, and the material to be taken away, all of which would have been causing disruption to business and increasing the costs.

So Wayne contacted Ark to see what solution we could offer and for the work to be completed during the quieter time in the week and be ready to open of the busy weekend. After a site visit, we were able to come up with a proposal to extend the bays with 1 metre of pressure treated redwood timber. The decking would be supported by posts fixed into concrete and a wall plate for fixing joist hangers to. The wall plate being drilled and bolted to the existing slab. We had to liaise and coordinate with the crew installing the partitioning of the bays, which meant working to a very tight time schedule. In order minimise the impact to the business the entire job was completed in four days, on budget and on time for the range to open on the Friday afternoon ready for the busy period over the weekend.