Ball Stop Netting Fence

Gowerton golf range have a solar array residing on their land, it is situated off to one side from the golf range and behind the fishing lake. Originally it was thought the solar array was a sufficient distance from the range for there not to be any problems with balls hitting the panels. But a rather over zealous customer managed to send a few balls over to the panels resulting in 2 sections becoming smashed.

In order to protect the panels from errant golf balls, the best solution was to erect a 4 metre high ball stop netting over a length of 25m. The netting is a woven mesh specific for stopping golf balls. We used galvanised line wires across the length to add extra strength and stability. As the stop was required to be 4 metres, it was critical that we calculate the structural requirements to work out he correct depth and volume of concrete required to ensure maximum strength and stability of the erection. Using Rolled hollow section for the posts, again to ensure plenty of strength through the full height. We left a 900mm gap underneath the ball stop to allow easy access for maintenance.