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Swansea Fencing Services

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

For Swansea Fencing Services, Use ARK FENCING

We provide long-lasting fencing products that fit their purpose and look good. We can provide the reliable service you need in the Swansea area. Taking your budget into account, our qualified, experienced technicians can provide you with the best possible fencing solutions. Our fencing services are available for prices that might surprise you. You can get a good deal on fencing services today – just call ARK FENCING on 01792 896 540.

Fencing Companies Found in Swansea, South Wales

A fence is a freestanding structure made from materials other than brick or concrete, and is designed to restrict or prevent movement across a boundary. Fences are often required for houses with a garden to keep children and pets safe, demarcate property and increase privacy. Fences can be made of pressure treated soft wood, specially treated steel which come in various styles and colours, aluminium, metal, and powder-coated or galvanized wire. We offer a wide range of fences to choose from and can source and design custom fences in Swansea, South Wales if required. All of our fencing systems are rust and rot resistant, stain-free and protected against fire and the weather.

Types of Fencing Available in Swansea, South Wales

Close-boarded fencing is one of the most popular types of boundary-marking fences, and it’s suitable for heavy-duty use. Our attractive selection of arched and scalloped trellis panel tops will complement your fencing and garden. Picket fencing, used traditionally in front gardens, is available in a wide range of designs that can make country estate-type gardens look very attractive. Decorative panels can add charm to your garden, and you can choose from a wide range of panels such as cleft chestnut, willow or bamboo. In Swansea, South Wales gates are a vital part of fencing. They’re available in various styles and colours and can be made from robust, solid timber.

Information for Choosing Fencing in Swansea, South Wales

When considering what type of fencing to buy, it’s a good idea to take the climate in Swansea into account. The fencing can depend upon the natural characteristic of your property and its landscaping. Leafy areas or homes near greenery may attract termites, white ants and other pests, so timber fencing may not be a good idea. Materials like brick or glass can be used to increase the aesthetic value of your property, but may be more expensive and difficult to maintain than aluminium or steel. We offer fencing that’s made to measure, can provides high standards of security and doesn’t compromise on style.

The Importance of Fencing in Swansea, South Wales

As well as marking boundaries and adding decorative appeal to your property, fences have a range of other valuable uses. Fencing can also add height to your garden, supports climbing plants and protect and shelter you and your home. Fencing can also help hide unattractive elements such as water butts, compost heaps and rubbish bins. They can divide your garden – for example, to create a safe area for children to play or make a ‘pet-free’ area. At ARK FENCING in Swansea, South Wales we have the fencing services you’re looking for.

How Can You Choose the Right Fencing Company in Swansea, South Wales?

In order to recommend the best type of fencing for your home, we survey the area and discuss the plans with you. Your new fence will look wonderful in your garden. You and your family will enjoy the privacy a fenced garden provides. In order to make sure the finished product matches your vision, we work closely with you. Get quality fencing service in Swansea, South Wales at ARK FENCING.

Decking Swansea

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010


Ark Fencing, Decking Supplies provides you with quality decking services in Swansea

Our garden and landscape designers work to provide quality results that will blend into the surroundings. In Swansea we will be only too glad to accept garden decking and garden design projects. We design and build decks according to your tastes and requirements. If you’re looking for quality decking services, we’re the people to call.

Call Ark Decking and Fencing on 01792 896 540 for quality, cost effective solutions to all your decking requirements.

What does decking refer to in Swansea?

A deck is a wooden platform typically constructed outdoors, often elevated from the ground. Wood or timber decking is a good natural design element for landscaping, and can be used to substitute stone based patios when it comes to outdoor garden landscaping. The natural look and feel of seasoned wood helps in blending seamlessly with the garden, which is difficult to achieve with concrete and paved patios. A deck can be built on different types of surfaces and at an elevation which makes it the perfect vantage point to enjoy your garden. In Swansea, South Wales a deck can be used as a serene, tranquil area to relax or as a place for entertaining.

Other materials used for decking in Swansea

There are now many new materials available for decking which not only look beautiful, but they are also weatherproof and rot-resistant. Decks also have decking tiles made from recycled plastic and waste wood fibre which otherwise would have been placed in landfill. Decking tiles are made ready to fit with each other perfectly. There are several materials you can choose from, such as durable, hard-wearing hardwoods, anti-slip porcelain, natural slate or solid granite, to create the deck of your dreams. In Swansea we offer durable low maintenance composite wood tiles that have the look of natural wood, but do not rot or splinter.

Useful hints and suggestions for installing decking in Swansea

If you are planning on installing a deck it is a good idea to consult with or employ a decking specialist. Allow our qualified deck specialists to create a perfect deck for your garden. Our decking is perfect for enhancing the beauty and functionality of your garden. We also offer landscape enhancements for your garden like rocks or colourful pebbles. We can create a deck for you in Swansea.

How can you choose the right decking company in Swansea?

In order to recommend the best deck for your home, we survey the area and discuss the plans with you. Your new deck will look wonderful in your garden. You and your family will enjoy the sturdy deck that is built for you. In order to make sure the finished product matches your vision, we work closely with you. Get quality decking service in Swansea at Ark Decking and Fencing Supplies.

Fencing Panels Gallery

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Ark Fencing, Decking and Landscape Supplies can deliver Fencing Panels and Fencing Supplies to Swansea and most areas within South Wales.

If the product you require is not included in this gallery, please call 01792 896 540 for further product information or email us





Arched Lattice


Omega Lattice



Willow Hurdle


If the product you require is not included in this gallery, please call 01792 896 540 for further product information or email us

Decking and Components

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010


As we spend more time outdoors, enjoying a more continental lifestyle, adding decking to your garden brings the indoors – outside. Decking is the perfect solution for extending your living space, creating further space for eating, drinking and relaxing in your garden. Decking is the perfect solution to sloping gardens or terracing – making use of unusable space.

Our decking product range includes:

  • Decking boards 3.6m to 6m lengths
  • Newell posts
  • Hand rails
  • Spindles
  • Rope
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel rails
  • Outdoor lights
  • Fixings
  • Beams
  • Post mix

Based in Swansea but we cover the whole of South Wales. We also supply many other products not listed. Please call 01792 896 540 for further product information or email


Monday, August 31st, 2009

Ark Fencing and Landscaping Supplies Ltd are a fresh, innovative supplies company conveniently located in Gorseinon, Swansea in South Wales. Our main aim is to provide all our customers with quality long lasting fencing and decking products that fit their purpose and look good at exceptional prices, matched with good customer care. Ark Fencing and Decking Supplies staff have over 10 years experience in the fencing, decking and landscaping industry and offer free professional advice in all sectors.

Fencing and Landscaping supplies and products
Our fencing, decking and landscape supplies yard is stocked with hundreds of branded products for both the fencing and landscaping industries that are ready for collection off the shelf or via specialist order. We also offer a fast, reliable delivery service for orders in the Swansea area. We are the main specialist supplier in South Wales for KDM, Westbank Timber, Severn Valley, Jacksons, Hulmes and Eliza Tinsley.

So why not pop into our yard or give us a call. No matter how big or small your order will be, we’ll be pleased to assist you with your enquiry.

Ark Fencing, Decking and Landscaping Supplies offer a wide range of fencing and decking products along with decking and fencing services at unbelievable prices.

  • Large Varied Stock Supplies
  • Unbeatable Prices On Products
  • Decking – Industrial Fencing
  • Sawn Timber – Panels & Trellis
  • Gates & Fittings
  • Chainlink – Weldmesh
  • Concrete Products – Aggregates
  • All Landscaping Materials

Please call Ark Fencing and Landscaping on 01792 896 540 for further information and we can help you meet your fencing or decking service needs.